Bare/frontfoot running for fighting

WARNING: Frontfoot running highly injury-prone in early stages. Still highly recommended. Aside from the usual complaints (boring, knee-grinding, time-consuming) running made my striking sluggish. It achieved the opposite of jumpropes - instead of light and springy, my legs got heavy and the balls of my feet weak. The movement of running simply had nothing in [...]

Sideways MMA stance vs leg kicks and takedowns

  Problem: Everyone claims sideways stance is susceptible to low kicks and takedowns because of exposed front leg. However, Mcgregor and Wonderboy types are getting away with it. Explain. 1. Apparent vulnerability of sideways stance. This stance looks like it has an exposed front leg that would be easily kicked or taken down. Initial fights against [...]

AMSB -a youtube treasure chest

Boxing has some of the most versatile, crazy footwork to get excited about - and A Million Styles Boxing has great breakdowns and training drills. MMA footwork is still catching on (thank god Cody Garbrandt), Barry Robinson (of AMSB) will unveil great boxers' best moves in slow motion. Aside from great footwork analysis, he's also showing [...]

Fighting Flow

Today one of flow's promoting journalists, Steven Kotler, was on the Joe Roegan podcast to talk about what Flow can do for You. The podcast really nails the importance of flow in fighting. Personal method: Flow follows a cycle (for me. Everyone's flow experience may be different). Essentially Start off with small goals (don't get hit, get a [...]

Positional Sparring pt. 2

Yo, it's time for those other two drills I'd promised. For the kickboxing and muai thai guys out there, good thing you stuck around because finally get to kick. Where we left off: Sparring 1, footwork to take your mind off the strikes and into the Universe. Brawling to get comfy with being in close and [...]

Positional Standup strategy and advantages

The training and fighting style I preach on this blog is called Positional Striking. (Terrible, awful name, please comment something catchier.) Why I chose this style, who I stole it from, that whole sob story is another post - first I'd like to tell you how it works, top-down, starting with the Big Idea and [...]

Positional sparring basics pt.1

Boom, instructional video! Bae and myself recorded an Interpretative Dance based on this blog post. Check it out. Here's the first basic sparring exercises that teach positional fighting and, just as important, an open mind. You can fit all of these exercises into one session as long as you start at 1 and build from there. Pure footwork In this drill, [...]